Friday, 1 December 2017


WALT: Treat people the same way you wanna be treated
Image result for wonderWalking to the cinema just made me more and more excited and after a few minutes in the cinema the movie started. Watching the movie I was impressed and my favourite part of the movie is when August, Jack Will and his newly made friends beat up those seventh graders in the forest because he stood up for Jack when he was injured and he bought some time for Amos and his friends to come and give them a hiding.

From watching this movie I have realised that everyone is the same not as in their looks but in their hearts. I have learnt to respect my peers and family as how I would like to be respected. Overall I know the movie has changed the way I look at people because now I have learnt that behind every face is a heart and we are all a wonder.

Thank you for reading my reflection about the great movie wonder. I definitely recommend watching this life changing movies. Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts. Much love to you all.
Image result for wonder- Metui

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Mince Pie

Image result for Mince pie
WALT: check on our food every 5 minutes.

In this Technology session we made mince pies. We made the mince with gravy and poured it onto a pastry on a tray. We baked it in the oven in 180 degrees in 15 minutes. It was very ifo when we ate it and when we went back all the boys wanted some. Me and Gary made a mistake because we were supposed to make two pies instead we made one big one. The most challenging part was to try not to burn the pie in the oven so every now and then we checked on the food. 

During our cooking time, we had to follow some instructions that were written on the board. Mrs Tuipulotu didn't tell us what to do because as Year 7 and 8 students we didn't need the teacher to keep telling us what to do. In the end we ended up making a Mince Pie, that tasted delicious. We were really proud of ourselves. 

My favourite part of this session was actually eating it. Thank you for reading this blogpost about my experience at technology. Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you, much love. Metui.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwi Sport T4W6: Shot Put!

Image result for run jump throw
WALT: Put the shot put instead of throwing      

Today for Kiwi Sport we practiced shot put. However for our warmup we played dodgeball and at the beginning it was  a slow game but before I knew it we won. Going into shot put we put ourselves in groups of threes and I was with Matthew and Sene, all we done was practice shot put and played around after that and in my opinion that was the fun part of this whole lesson. 

The challenging part of this lesson to me was getting the throwing the shot put as far as the other boys because when they threw their shot puts I was speechless. This lesson of shot put was alright in my opinion. Thank you for reading my reflection about room 9's shot out lesson. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

My Writing Test

Image result for writing png
IALT: use academic language in my writing.
Before the writing test we went over the basics of an explanation text. Scrolling down to start of the test I was getting more and more nervous and once I got there I stopped. I thought about how I wanted to start for a good 5 minutes, the subject was about friends and how to be a good friend. Here is a sneak peak... A true friend is someone who can hear when you're quiet. 
The most challenging part of this test for me was the fact that I couldn't think of a way to start because I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to finish but in the end I was able to get there. I feel that I gave the test my all and I thank Ms Komor for the things she has taught me. She is truly one of the greatest teachers ever. Thank you all for reading this blogpost of mine about my writing test. Much Love to you all. Metui.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kapa Haka Reflection: T2W3

Image result for waikato haka lyrics
WALT: learn and memorise the words
Today for Kapa Haka our tutors taught us a new haka called Waikato. At first I thought this haka was too easy for us but then when he rubbed out all the words it got challenging. The haka goes like this...
Leader: Tau ka tau
Group: Hi!!
Leader: Tau ka tau 
Group: Hi!!
Leader Tau ka tau
Altogether: Ki runga Waikato, whangaia mau ra
Nge ,nge, nge
Ara tu, ara te, ara tau
Leader: Taha ka riri, toru ka wha
Altogether: Homoi o kupu, kia weteweta
Kia wetewetea
Ara tu, ara te, ara tau
Image result for waikato haka lyricsAfter learning Waikato the haka we slip up into two groups and the groups we were chosen to be in we are there for the whole term. My group is call Taniwha and the other group is Wairua. Then we were asked question about the songs we have learnt and Taniwha won. We said the karakia, packed up and then left.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Kiwi Sport: Capture The Flag!!

WALT: work with your team
Today for Kiwi Sport we had our second lesson of Run, Jump, Throw. We just played mini games this lesson and my favourite lesson was capture the cones and take them to your side. Here is a video of us playing Capture the Flag. After that we played a game called race the ball and that was the challenging game because it was you against your team. Me and my friend cheated so we had to run together vs our team and Deme won but I came tie with them. After that we reflected on that session and we left back to class.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Writing Reflection

Image result for explanation writingWALT: craft a explanation text on my own.

My writing task for this week is to craft a explanation text independently and in my opinion I am doing great. With the help of my friends I think that I have made a great introduction and first paragraph, here is a sneak peek. (I also learn a lot of things like why I was sent here.

Church has also helped me improve my spiritual life and it has also strengthened my beliefs.)
The most challenging part of making this paragraph was putting it into a sentence.

I knew what I was talking about but I just didn't know how to put into words but with the help of my friend Aumau I got there in the end. I am proud of what I got so far and I know if I stay focused I can make it even better.

My next step is to work on making the rest of my text to pull my audience in so they can really understand why I am explaining this.

Thank you for reading my reflection. Leave a comment about how church improved your life. Much love to you all.

Labour Holiday!!

Image result for barbecueGetting ready for the reunion BBQ I got up and put on any clothes I could find and then me and my family left, when we arrived we saw our cousins weren't there so me and my sibling drove around Mangere picking them up and stopping at the shop get some stuff at the same time. 

After a long wait we finally got to eat and everyone was so happy. My favourite moment of that day was meeting family members I didn't even know and my least favourite was having to wait 2 hours before we could eat. 

Image result for partyWe had alot of pizza, chicken, chips and more. Seeing my parents having fun was probably the funniest thing there because the smiles on their faces were priceless.  After a long day we arrived home and I just fell in bed. 

Thank you for reading my reflection about my Labour Day holiday. Leave a comment on what you did. Much love.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Pinwheel Pizza Rolls!!

Image result for pinwheel pizzaIALT: make pinwheel pizza rolls. 
Today was our first lesson of technology with Ms Tuipulotu and I was excited to hear we were making something related to Pizza.
We were given pur instruction and ingredients and we began. We finished making the pizza roll in about 30 minutes and then we set them on a baking tin then put them into the ovens AT 180 degrees for 15 minutes. Me and my buddy garys were a little bit burnt but were the crunchiest and the most delicious. I hope you enjoyed reading this reflection as much as I did making it. Leave a comment if you're hungry. Much love to Everyone out there.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Potato Salad

Yesterday at technolgy room 9 and ten went to technology and the cooking group which i'm in me and Kenneth made potato salad the ingredients were,(Ingredients) 2 eggs 1 red onion - Oil - 1 carrot - 4 pieces of ham - 3 potatoes - Mayonnaise - Sausages Materials we used - Colander - Tongs - 1 big bowl - Dicer - Plates - Forks - Spoon,It very nice and yummy to eat I forgot to write down how to make it but I got photos,Next week we are going to make cookies which I am looking forward to making with my friends and learning more about cooking.What I found challenging was slicing and dicing the red onion because my eyes got watery and It looks like I was crying and the good thing I liked was eating the salad at the end. Feel free to leave a comment.

Jam & Cinnamon Muffins

Our second lesson we made delicious Jam & Muffins. The Ingredients was S.R Flour, Sugar, Jam, Cinnamon and the Materials we used were: Wisk 2 Bowls Scrapper Teaspoon Muffin Trays Muffin Cups Measuring Cups. After we mixed the bowls separately we were told to combine them to make our mix. We evenly spread out the muffins in the tray and set it in the oven. After 10 minutes we took out our golden brown muffins and ate them. 

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Assembly Reflection: T2W9

Today we had a special assembly about Maori language week. My highlight of assembly was singing Mrs Kyla lit song about Matariki and seeing my good friend George get a award from the principle. I was very inspired by the way Frances and Constance presented their culture to the whole school, we also sang Tu Tiro Mai and Te Aroha. I was also happy to see the school participate with their singing and videos. Thank you so much for reading, Much love.

Oreo Milkshake

Mmmmmm...Oreo Milkshake. Our first lesson with Mrs Tuipulotu we made delicious Oreo Milkshakes, the ingredients we used were...
Chocolate Sauce
Whip cream
It sounds simple but it tastes amazing. Since it was our first lesson, we were told to get into groups and I paired myself with Gary. The equipment we used was...
A blender
Cup and Straw
When we finished blending the Oreos, I wanted to chug the whole Milkshake but Ms Tuipulotu came out with Whip Cream and Chocolate sauce and made it a whole lot better. After we took the photo we started chugging the Milkshake and it was amazing.  We headed to the bus and shared our drinks and came back to school. This photo on the right is a photo of me and my buddy's Milkshakes. Feel free to leave a comment, thank you for reading. Much love.


Monday, 18 September 2017

Hurricane Irma hits Caribbean

WALT: Reflect on a article in depth
Hurricane Irma has caused widespread destruction across the Caribbean. Irma, a category five hurricane, the highest possible level, hit the area over the last few days. 

More than half of the island’s three million residents were without power as Irma caused heavy downpours and strong winds. I would love to visit the Caribbean but I can't imagine being in a hurricane like that. 

Thank you for reading this reflection  of this devastating news. Feel free to leave a comment. Much love to you all.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ancestry Poem: Who am I?

This is my ancestry poem and it took me 3 weeks to plan and create it. The last paragraph took some time because I had to really think about it but it was worth the wait, I was inspired by the past student of Tamaki and with the help of their poems I came up with this lit poem. I encourage you to make a ancestry poem because during the making of this poem it has really helped me think about how my ancestor made decisions to get me here. Thank you for reading my poem, hope you enjoyed. Much love to you all. Metui

Monday, 4 September 2017

KiwiSport Reflection: T2W7

Image result for hip hopWALT: count and stay in beat the with song.
This session of Kiwisport we got into our groups and we started to do our choreography. In my group was Alo and Helen, when we started we had some to think about what to do but in the end we got it down. Our dance was routine had...
- Whip
- Hit the Folks
- Janet Jackson
- C walk to the side
- Grape vine
and to finish off we done the dab. I was really proud of my group because the people in it were people I don't usually talk to and in this session we bonded with each other. I was also very surprised at some people because when we all went up to dance they had some real good skill like Timeus, Vuni and Sene.

Thank you so ,much for reading this blogpost about my Hip Hop experience. If you enjoyed reading this reflection please leave a comment. Much love to you all.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Weekend Reflection:T2W6 Part 1

Image result for marist rugby clubIALT: reflect on past activities in a reflection type of way
Saturday morning I had to chose between two teams and at first I choses to go to my original team but as soon at I got to one of my team mates houses I found that they had already gone. I was sad at first so then I just walked home and I logged into my phone. I got a text from my cousin saying to go to his house so I could go with them to their rugby game. Once I got to his house I knocked on the door and went inside.

It took a while for the couch to come but when we were waiting my favourite part was playing basketball because I keep winning with my 3 pointers. The ride to Ponsonby took a while but when we got there we warmed up and before I knew it the game started. I was nervous at first because they also had big players but with the encouragement of my good friend Toni I played with pride.

Unfortunately we lost but at least I scored a try. After the game we were just calling out to these girl and I even chased after their car onto the road. Back when we went back to Tevita house we had a BB and after that we went to school and played basketball with some people and then I went home and watched Mulan.

Thank you so much for reading this blogpost of my Saturday. Much love to you all.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Police Guinea Pig Mascot dies

WALT: Blog about what we have read in depth.
The New Zealand police’s much-loved guinea pig has died. Constable Elliot was his name and he was the New Zealand police's mascot with his own police uniform like the ones the police wear now. The sad thing is on the article 209 people think that this news is funny and when I saw that I started laughing as well.

It was announced that he had passed on the 21st of August on twitter and to many officers it was a sad and depressing Tweet. I think this is very sad news because Constable Elliot was the mascot for motorist to slow down especially around school zones.

Constable Elliot was based with Wellington police. His saying was " Remember people, the kids are going to be out and about walking and biking and crossing roads.
“Like me they are small and unpredictable so you have to watch out.”
Please leave a comment if you think this is sad news. Thank you all for reading this blogpost about Constable Elliot the Guinea Pig. Much love to you all.

Technology Reflection:T2W5

Today was the final session we had with Miss Ferguson, it was also the most stressful for her because I could tell by her voice and her face. All we did for this session was just add the missing touches to our clocks then we put the clock mechanism in then we finished. 

It took some time for me because I had to paint the front of the back, we also had this weird conversation about the front of the front, the back of the front, the front of the back and the back of the back. After painting the front of the back I had to wait even more because Miss was glueing everything together.

I just play some games with some friends to pass the time until finally it was glued. She put the clock on and then she took a photo of it and me. I am very proud of the effort I put into making this clock and it was challenging at times because I was way behind when the class started painting so i had ton focus and I ended being one of the 5 who finished first. Unfortunately one student didn't even get to take her clock home because she had been away for mor then 5 week including this one.

Thank you for reading this blogpost about technology, Leave a comment if you think my clock looks good (it's the red and blue bull). Much love to you all.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Kiwi Can Reflection: T2W5

WALT: take what we have learnt from Kiwi can and use them in everyday life
This week of Kiwi Can we just recapped on what we have learnt for the session for this term, like emotions, self control and Resilience. It was a good session to be at because we learnt about how our emotions can affect other if we let it all out.

An example of this is like if you have a coke bottle. If you shake the coke it will fill up with pressure like our emotion being held back, when you open that bottle it just explodes. If we keep our feelings to ourselves for too long then one way or another we are going to explode like that coke bottle. If you feel like sadness is overwhelming you then talk to someone you trust because that sadness might turn into depression and then you may even end up hurting yourself.

The same goes with anger. If you bottle up your anger then you might end up taking it out on someone. The two games we played were Tag The Master and Mat Dodge Ball. I was one of the champions with the other three people and the I was the overall champion. After all that recapped and then the session was over. 

Please leave a comment 
Thank you so much for reading this reflection about Kiwi Can.
Much love to you all

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Cyber Smarts: Map of my History

WALT: create a digital footprint
In this DLO I have created a map of my history over a period of 24 hours on my netbook and these are the apps or websites I have been on. I made this map during cyber smarts and in that time we learnt about our history and that we can never delete it. Demetrius and I took a look at my history and made this map. The start of the map is my Drive and making its way to mail then off to Blogger and Google, sites and Google drawing. The ship was taking me home and all day I played tanki.

I found working with Demetrius challenging because he was mucking around but in the end we finally finished. Thank you so much for reading this cyber smarts blog post, feel free to leave a comment. Much love to you all.

Friday, 4 August 2017

New Zealand's Best Pie

I was scrolling down on Kiwi Kids News and I saw an article about New Zealand's best pie and it's a venison, mushroom, bacon and cheese pie. Just reading this article made my mouth salivate and it is baked by Lee Ing from Fast & Fresh Bakery, his pie beat 5696 other entries to unanimously take out the 2017 NZ Bakels Supreme Award. I hope one day I can get the opportunity to eat this pie and i would unfortunately I would have it for myself and not share. Mr Ing bought the bakery just over a year ago after working there for two years and learning all his skills from the previous owner.

I would definitely work with Mr Ing because he could teach me his ways of creating this pie and if I knew how to I would make it everyday. Click here for the link to the original article so you can read it for yourself. Leave a comment if you must, also thank you all for reading this blogpost from me. Much love to you all. 

Goals for Term 3

These are my goals for this term and I think with my personal goal I am going to really challenge myself. My personal goal is to try my absolute best to earn two value badges this term. This goal s really going to help me change my behaviour not only as a person but as a Tamaki learner. This term has gotten off to a ruff start for me but I am sure with the help of my teacher I am going to make a change. I am really exited for what this term is going to bring and if push comes to shove, i'll see what I can do. Leave a comment on what your personal goal is and lest see if you can achieve it too. Thank for reading this blogpost by me.

Kiwi Sport Reflection: T2W2

WALT: try new things even if it's out of our comfort zone.
This term Kiwi sport is Hip Hop and it was a surprise to me because everyone was telling me that this term was cricket but it is actually Hip Hop. In this session we me learnt about the 4 different types of hip hop and they are...
Image result for hip hop
  1. (Art) Grafitti is the main part in art and it means to write or draw stuff on the walls in public. Graffiti artist make it eye catching so when random people walk by their attention is drawn to the art.
  2. (Dance) Dance is the one of the main ways of hip hop because dancing was a way for the african american to express themselves because they were not being treated fairly and dance was how they showed themsleve to others, through their dance moves.
  3. (Rap/MC) Music is huge when it comes to hip hop and rapping happens to as popular. I don't know how rapping started but it was on of the four main parts of hip hop that our instructor taught us.
  4. (DJ) The lucky last is DJ. DJing is when someone take recorded music and mashes them together to make another song. However a DJ is also someone who plays songs at a special event or over the radio.
After all of that we learnt some new dance moves called James Brown and The Smurf. It was a lit session but the best moment was when we all danced together because it was in sync but we had a few laughs to. Thank you for reading my blogpost about Kiwi Sport and don't forget to leave a comment. Much love. 

Maths Reflection: T2W2

Image result for mathsMaths this week was challenging but unfortunately I couldn't finish all of it in time. The questions that I answered were all about multiplication and the first few were quite easy but when I got to the big numbers, that's when I struggled with them. I was working with Sifa and Toma and they were helping me a little but they were mostly talking about other things. One of the questions was 25 x 5 x 52 , it took me time to figure it out but in the end I got there. 

This weeks work was challenging but I still enjoyed them because they made me really think about numbers and it has helped improve my knowledge on times tables. Each big question made me think even harder and I love it when I am challenged by something because it means that i can get better than what I was at before. Overall I am really proud of myself because when I was challenged I got though it and improved. Thank you all for reading this blogpost about my maths work this week, fell free to leave a comment if you know the answer to 25 x 5 x 52.