Friday, 1 December 2017


WALT: Treat people the same way you wanna be treated
Image result for wonderWalking to the cinema just made me more and more excited and after a few minutes in the cinema the movie started. Watching the movie I was impressed and my favourite part of the movie is when August, Jack Will and his newly made friends beat up those seventh graders in the forest because he stood up for Jack when he was injured and he bought some time for Amos and his friends to come and give them a hiding.

From watching this movie I have realised that everyone is the same not as in their looks but in their hearts. I have learnt to respect my peers and family as how I would like to be respected. Overall I know the movie has changed the way I look at people because now I have learnt that behind every face is a heart and we are all a wonder.

Thank you for reading my reflection about the great movie wonder. I definitely recommend watching this life changing movies. Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts. Much love to you all.
Image result for wonder- Metui

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Mince Pie

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WALT: check on our food every 5 minutes.

In this Technology session we made mince pies. We made the mince with gravy and poured it onto a pastry on a tray. We baked it in the oven in 180 degrees in 15 minutes. It was very ifo when we ate it and when we went back all the boys wanted some. Me and Gary made a mistake because we were supposed to make two pies instead we made one big one. The most challenging part was to try not to burn the pie in the oven so every now and then we checked on the food. 

During our cooking time, we had to follow some instructions that were written on the board. Mrs Tuipulotu didn't tell us what to do because as Year 7 and 8 students we didn't need the teacher to keep telling us what to do. In the end we ended up making a Mince Pie, that tasted delicious. We were really proud of ourselves. 

My favourite part of this session was actually eating it. Thank you for reading this blogpost about my experience at technology. Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you, much love. Metui.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Kiwi Sport T4W6: Shot Put!

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WALT: Put the shot put instead of throwing      

Today for Kiwi Sport we practiced shot put. However for our warmup we played dodgeball and at the beginning it was  a slow game but before I knew it we won. Going into shot put we put ourselves in groups of threes and I was with Matthew and Sene, all we done was practice shot put and played around after that and in my opinion that was the fun part of this whole lesson. 

The challenging part of this lesson to me was getting the throwing the shot put as far as the other boys because when they threw their shot puts I was speechless. This lesson of shot put was alright in my opinion. Thank you for reading my reflection about room 9's shot out lesson. Feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

My Writing Test

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IALT: use academic language in my writing.
Before the writing test we went over the basics of an explanation text. Scrolling down to start of the test I was getting more and more nervous and once I got there I stopped. I thought about how I wanted to start for a good 5 minutes, the subject was about friends and how to be a good friend. Here is a sneak peak... A true friend is someone who can hear when you're quiet. 
The most challenging part of this test for me was the fact that I couldn't think of a way to start because I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to finish but in the end I was able to get there. I feel that I gave the test my all and I thank Ms Komor for the things she has taught me. She is truly one of the greatest teachers ever. Thank you all for reading this blogpost of mine about my writing test. Much Love to you all. Metui.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kapa Haka Reflection: T2W3

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WALT: learn and memorise the words
Today for Kapa Haka our tutors taught us a new haka called Waikato. At first I thought this haka was too easy for us but then when he rubbed out all the words it got challenging. The haka goes like this...
Leader: Tau ka tau
Group: Hi!!
Leader: Tau ka tau 
Group: Hi!!
Leader Tau ka tau
Altogether: Ki runga Waikato, whangaia mau ra
Nge ,nge, nge
Ara tu, ara te, ara tau
Leader: Taha ka riri, toru ka wha
Altogether: Homoi o kupu, kia weteweta
Kia wetewetea
Ara tu, ara te, ara tau
Image result for waikato haka lyricsAfter learning Waikato the haka we slip up into two groups and the groups we were chosen to be in we are there for the whole term. My group is call Taniwha and the other group is Wairua. Then we were asked question about the songs we have learnt and Taniwha won. We said the karakia, packed up and then left.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Kiwi Sport: Capture The Flag!!

WALT: work with your team
Today for Kiwi Sport we had our second lesson of Run, Jump, Throw. We just played mini games this lesson and my favourite lesson was capture the cones and take them to your side. Here is a video of us playing Capture the Flag. After that we played a game called race the ball and that was the challenging game because it was you against your team. Me and my friend cheated so we had to run together vs our team and Deme won but I came tie with them. After that we reflected on that session and we left back to class.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Writing Reflection

Image result for explanation writingWALT: craft a explanation text on my own.

My writing task for this week is to craft a explanation text independently and in my opinion I am doing great. With the help of my friends I think that I have made a great introduction and first paragraph, here is a sneak peek. (I also learn a lot of things like why I was sent here.

Church has also helped me improve my spiritual life and it has also strengthened my beliefs.)
The most challenging part of making this paragraph was putting it into a sentence.

I knew what I was talking about but I just didn't know how to put into words but with the help of my friend Aumau I got there in the end. I am proud of what I got so far and I know if I stay focused I can make it even better.

My next step is to work on making the rest of my text to pull my audience in so they can really understand why I am explaining this.

Thank you for reading my reflection. Leave a comment about how church improved your life. Much love to you all.